How do you smell?

  Do you enjoy your job?When you go to work in the morning do you do it with a thankful heart, as if you’re serving the Lord, or are you there against your will?

Imagine for a moment as the Lord directs his people to appoint Aaron as priests. It seems there is so much to do – a lot of detail towards the necessary sin offerings, the preparation for the offerings and I guess like you and me at work they also had a choice! Do they do all they had to do with a thankful heart or as I mundane task that just had to be done?

Look in the passage of Exodus 29 a couple of key versus crop up observe at the end of verse 18, verse 25, and in verse 41 all says “it’s smell is pleasing to the Lord”. Wow consider that for a moment, when you’re at work, at home or wherever you are – Ask yourself how is what I am doing pleasing to the Lord? Is my life pleasing to the Lord in my service?

Thinking of another thing to note here is that service takes great sacrifice sometimes life is hard sometimes work of the Lord requires of us seems tough. Maybe you’re going through a tough time right now but persevere because at the end of your perseverance at the end of your sacrifice which is holy and pleasing to the Lord (see also Romans 12:1) that is a promise see verse 43 and verse 44 of Chapter 29, the Lord said to his priests that when they do all that we have to do he will meet with them and speak with them and they will know that God is there God!

Likewise as we today live a life as it pleasing aroma to God continually we can know that he sees our sacrifices and know that we to need to make space at the end or the start of the day to meet with the living God and hear his voice!

Here’s a prayer for today:

Father God help me today to live my life as a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to you, forgive me when I see my work as just a task but instead to do my work with joy that it may be a pleasing aroma to you. Lord Jesus, I invite you today afresh into my life that I may hear your voice and follow your leading. In your most precious name! Amen!


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