Mission-Net Congress Radio

4th European Mission-net congress

I am excited to be part of this congress 28th December to the 2nd Jan, to be part of running Mission-net Radio in the radio cafe zone. That is the plan anyway.

Here’s a brief snippet about the congress (from mission-net.org):

The 4th Mission-Net Congress in Europe where more than 2500 young people from almost 50 different countries are expected over the New Year 2015/2016 (28.12.2015-02.01.2016).

The venue, once again, will be in Offenburg, southwestern Germany

Powerful and challenging main sessions, heartfelt worship, a huge missions exhibition, time to reflect the themes in small groups, interesting workshops, local outreaches,… are just a few of the things you can expect at this “utterly amazing” European Missions Congress!

The importance of these congresses on a the emerging generations is so important, it was at a congress similar to mission-net, which back in 1986/7 where God called me into missions.

As I prepare to go to the congress to run the radio cafe, and mission-net radio can I ask you to do at least one of these three things:

  1. Pray for the journey – I will be driving (mission road-trip) to bring equipment, for safety, driving conditions and the car mechanically is sound, and for some God defining moments on the way!
  2. Consider joining the service-team for mission-net radio, I have a spare seat or two in the car from Ireland.
  3. Donate to help me meet my budget, would you consider giving a small amount to help meet these costs. Please give to Youth Work Connect via PayPal for this project what you can. my estimated travel budget is €510 for two people. (excluding the conference fee) – DONATE HERE

Please do pray for the preparations during this time, and if you know of someone you feel should be at mission-net direct them to the website, http://www.mission-net.org

Consider sponsoring a young person from your church to attend the conference as your rep. My church back in 1986 did that for me, and I am so pleased they did – it changed everything!

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