Mission-Net Radio Cafe Update

A little update to mission-net this December on my last post. I am really excited to be part of the congress in germany end of this year. This year rather than running a full on radio station for the congress I will be involved in running a Radio Cafe alongside the exhibition space to engage with congress attendees, through interviews, talking to guests speakers  & artists on the radio cafe stage. Although I won’t officially be streaming over the internet I do hope to test streaming capabilities to see the scope for future congresses and events.

Getting there…

In my last post I had mentioned that I hoped to drive to germany from Ireland and take some people with me, unfortunately this has become unrealistic and too expensive so instead I’ve booked my flights and hiring a car in germany to get down to Offenburg – I am really looking forward to see some of the germany country side as I drive down.

Prayer requests…

  • Safe travel
  • Resources for running the radio cafe zone would come together
  • Good communication between congress programme team and radio cafe space.


  • Travel & flights, €470
  • Service Team congress registration cost, €150

I am trusting the Lord to meet these costs. If the Lord puts it on your heart to make a donation then please email me. However, I would prefer to ask you to consider supporting me with a monthly donation to enable me to enter into 2016 refocused into what the Lord is putting on my heart – See my vision page for more detail.


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