Gadget talk

Lots happening in the world of gadgets this last week and this coming week.

Apple Media event today!

Firstly, today Apple hold their first media event of the year, called, “let us loop you in” with rumours of a new iPad, 4″ iPhone, apple watch bands, ios9 & El Captain updates too. but we’ll have to wait and see 5pm Ireland/UK time for the detail.

Windows Mobile 10 update

I have to say I’m more excited about the just released new windows 10 mobile update for lumia handsets running 8.1. Although, sadly, even though microsoft promised all lumia handsets would run windows 10, that is now not the case. I guess it’s just the case of speaking out hopes before reality! Anyway now the update is finally here, it brings Windows Mobile into a streamlined experience with Windows 10 computers. Nice. I’ve been using windows 10 mobile for the last 3 months now and I have to say I like it. My next thing is to try a new windows 10 mobile and to try out continuum which allows you to use your phone like a full windows pc! Neat hey! Well let’s face it most of us carry powerful computers in our pockets, so this is a rather clever move from microsoft, I just hope it catches on. There is a good article here from the verge with a list of compatible handsets.

360 TV programme – BBC Click

Have to say did you see this on youtube? For best results watch on your smartphone using the youtube app and you can literally look around the studio and the environment when filming on location. It’s rather cool. Not sure you could watch tv regularly like this, it would be possibly somewhat taxing on the brain having to move around and face the right direction to see what’s going on! If you’ve not seen the programme yet in 360 check it out here. (remember for best viewing experience view in Chrome browser or using your youtube app on your smartphone)

More gadget news to come, but for now I will leave you with those three things, and we’ll see tomorrow what Apple loop us in with!



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