It was a weekend in Glenarm Estate, Co. Antrim, a beautiful part of the country. The coastal drive to Glenarm is stunning.

Summer Madness had around 2000 participants from across the whole island of Ireland, both North and South and although it was probably the wettest Summer Madness, certainly I’ve ever been too, it was exciting to see so many young people inspired to follow after their faith in Jesus.

This year i took up a mini studio, and set up in the exhibition area, using 3G data connection I was able to record my show from Summer Madness!

I am excited to say I had some fantastic guests on the show, including finding out about Toilet Twinning, a new initiative for 100days of prayer for a 100 years from 24/7 prayer movement, and a whole load of other stuff. If you missed the show then you can listen back here. It’s now on mixcloud.

In addition to recording my show, i did a various number of interviews and I hope to bring them to you in the coming months on Spirit Radio, mostly when I have to ‘pop up’ for a night time talk show.

I will post links to the different organisations later.


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