News from Richie (long overdue)

I’m so sorry for not blogging for ages, I just don’t seem to get time to write these days. The thought is there just getting to it. So as I sit in my international office I thought I would do a quick blog to update you with my happenings past, present and future! (please excuse spelling & grammar errors, I am likely to publish before I fully check)


On reflection 2016 felt like a non-year, something of a wilderness questioning why I am in Ireland, should I continue to stay here, but if not Ireland where? Not only that but questioning of all the ideas and visions going around my head I became overwhelmed and towards the end of the year felt the need to stop and just focus on what is practical and what the Lord is directing me. Additionally, that said, lots of good things happened of which I’m grateful. So for a quick review–

the year started with Mission-Net, congress in germany, where I ran Mission-Net Radio, a great time and gave the congress leadership something of what is possible and how radio can be used at future congresses. The next congress falls end of 2017 so will have to see if Mission-Net Radio happens again.

Other highlights for the year was my annual trip to Momentum in Orlando, (Christian Music Broadcasters Conference) it was a super time of getting to know many of the artists we play. It was good to meet Daren & Heidi Mulligan of We Are Messengers, from Ireland now living in Nashville, and the amazing talented singer/songwriter Lauren Daigle who I did give her an idea for a song, will have to see if that idea makes it! Taking part in the 5K fun run around Disney was epic, and I made it round too! Anyway really hope to get back in 2017 as a regular highlight for me, and in 2017 it moves to Universal.

Radio workshops in an english language school in Dublin, was another highlight last summer. Over the course of 6 weeks I ran a basic radio workshop entitled, ‘How to use your smartphone to create for radio?’ with the tag line ‘Please switch ON your mobile phone!” it was a great time of learning for me, but had good feedback from the students too.

Another highlight for me was visiting a new friend, Zuzana, in Slovakia, and seeing a wonderful mission of an arts centre in Kosice. This time-out from the business of radio land did give me a good time to reflect and seek the Lord and talking & sharing with, Zuzana, helped me  immensely focus on what the Lord is saying – more on that later as it’s time to move into 2017.


I am so aware that at the start of this year I need to get back to Dorset to visit family & friends, as not been able to get there for over a year now, so I hope to get back in April all going well. I recognise too I’ve not been that active on Facebook, I’m so sorry if that’s how you get news, think i’m just tired of Facebook, though hopefully I will get back to posting news more regularly. Anyways,  that aside for now, some things to look forward to in 2017:

Spirit Radio

We continue to increase our reach across the country with 3 new towns coming onto FM band in the coming months. I’m also excited to have instigated our ability to do outside broadcasts using the wonderful technology of the internet and hope to bring more of this over the coming year. Pushing Spirit Radio to new limits in how we connect with our audience. I also continue to do a show on Sunday’s from 12 – 2pm.

Barcelona – MWC 2017 & EYMN

I’m excited to report that at the end of Feb & beginning of March I have managed to get a press pass into the premier congress on all things mobile technology. So excited to attend and hope to bring a #LetsTalkGadgets from Barcelona on Tuesday 28th February.

The following week I stay in Barcelona for a European Youth Ministry Network Forum, where I continue to play an active role in encouraging what is happening through europe in youth ministry. At this forum I hope to launch the first phase of starting with that I’ve been steadily working on with the hope to get this out to other nations around europe each with their own micro-site blog.

Missions & TESOL

Since returning from Slovakia, the Lord has renewed my passion for mission. Not only that given me a heart to reach young people, in the context of discipleship & outreach. Yes that is what I did in KKI/YWAM, and my YWAM friends I am sure will be please to hear those values are engrained within me! Recognising my passion to teach young people through radio, I believe the Lord is leading me to do a TESOL course (Teaching English as a Secondary Language) which would give me scope for cross-cultural mission should I go to a non-english speaking world (somewhere warm and sunny all year round please God) but also the ability to earn additional funds by way of additional seasonal work. And I am sure it will help me know end get my grammar better writing this blog!! 🙂 The most likely timeframe for doing this course is likely to be August, and I’d look at doing it full time over a course of 4 weeks. this would mean I’d need to be released from Spirit Radio for this period, and raise sponsorship along with savings to raise the €1200 needed for the course. If you are interested in supporting me in this, please drop me a note, though I won’t be asking for this, as I believe if it is truly God’s will for me, I will get the funds.

In conclusion, please remember me in your prayers (if you think of me):

  • Pray for Barcelona Trip 28th April – 9th March – World Mobile Congress & EYMN
  • Visit to UK, primarily Dorset (family) in April (dates tbc)
  • Possible Romania trip in June/July
  • Spirit Radio Outside Broadcasts planned for this year
  • Youth Work Connect website launch – March 2017
  • Tesol Course – August 2017

Thank you for reading my news, sorry it’s so long I will try and keep future ones short and more regular through my twitter and Facebook channels.





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