Day 2: Focus – In the secret place (Jer. 4:1)

When do we most struggle entering God’s presence? It seems to me all to easy to allow oneself to wander & stray from God’s presence especially in those alone times when no-ones watching.

Interestingly, Later in the chapter it talks about circumcission as an outward sign of a heart devoted. Yet what use is external signs if reality says something else?

Circumsission is deeply personal and not something I particularly feel comfortable talking about. I guess though it is something of a picture of where our devotion to the Lord starts first! Its in the secret place with God, the place where no ome else sees, which is also the place in reality where idols and sin first rears its ugliness.

Therefore if we overcome in our secret place and devote it to God He promises blessings as we choose to live in truth, justice and righteousness (living to bring joy to His heart) we first need to commit our devotion daily to the Lord.

Father God, help me this year to overcome first in the secret place, to circumsice my heart especially where it feels exposed, that sin would not spoil my relationship with you. This year help me choose daily to live out of my secret place with the Lord. Amen.

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