Overcoming idolatrous tendencies

Psalms 139:23-24 ¦ Psalm 63:1 ¦ Psalm 143:6

So often we know what to do and how to know God deeply, but do we go there? What is getting in the way?

When I reflect on these things there are a whole host of things going through my head. distractions of things I need to do today. (Ps. 139:23)

In addition there are the things of the mind (ps. 139:24) scripture refers to as flesh or ‘idolatrous tendencies’ – heck sounds heavy. We know looking at Old Israel how every time they choose idolatry it hurt God immensely! The Hebrew word (See NET notes) refers to pain. All of us have a leaning to find all excuses under the sun not to worship God! but we know what to do! As did Israel back in O.T. times “lead me in the reliable ancient path”

Help God I mess up!

I don’t want to give in to the flesh. So how do I honour healthy relationships in the area of mind, soul and body without giving into idolatrous tendencies?

Am I hungry & thirsty enough? I mean really hungry, really thirsty?

There really are so many distractions, other things in our hearts we ‘set our minds upon’. At least we are not alone, the psalmist writers went through the same issues —

Psalm 63 – to long for God like I’m in a dessert and really need (desperate for) water! to continually seek the Lord like that! Am I living like this? Well, if I said yes, I would not be honest with myself, you and especially God! is the desire there? Yes of course!

it’s the trouble with life, we fill our heads, hearts and minds with all the wrong stuff. We need to be desperate in our seeking.

Psalm 143:6 brings out some thoughts of how…

“I spread my hands out in prayer”

How many times? and I ask myself this question do I prostrate myself before God, desperate for him?!? not enough!

Father today make me hungry for more time with you. to find space today to stretch out my hands before you in prayer, and earnestly seek you. To be desperate for more of you in my life! To allow you Lord to help me see all my relationships in the right perspective, not with a idolatrous tendencies but a heart that always seeks you first and allows my relationships with others to foster a hunger after you. Amen.



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