Wildfire from Ireland to Spain…


First of all, thank you for your interest in reading this post. We pray that the Lord would lead you to pray & support us in the first-fruits of this wildfire mission team from Ireland. Praise God for what the Lord is doing in Spain and what a privilege we have to be part of this! Thank you…

We are a team from Ireland ready to join a team from England (Eyam Church, Derbyshire) that is going to reach Spain in few weeks. We are going there to support and encourage the evangelical church of Alcala La Real, a small town in Southern Spain, and to share the love God put in our heart for people, in particular children and teenagers.


We will do a summer camp in which we will be teaching English, in order to connect with people and meet a need of the community. We will be also doing various different cultural and recreational activities and we will share the Gospel, play and chat with people. We are praying for opportunities to build relationships with the people we meet for kingdom purposes.

Eyam Church’s team we are joining is lead by Adam Innes, who have been going to Southern Spain for the last few years. The mission is called WildFire because our vision values are based on those of one our Gospel partners WildFire a Ministry of YWAM who will help equip us for this trip. We expect it to be a life-changing time growing deeper in your relationship with God and make new friends. We pray for open doors in Spain and for new disciples. We also ask Father God to prepare us, equip us and make an impact in all of us, in leaders and in Alcala La Real.

We believe in connections above differences in languages and cultures, in children and in sharing the joy creatively. If God spoke to you reading our dreams described in this letter, we would ask you to join us in prayers. We need a lot of love, strength, wisdom and most of all God’s presence and direction. Feel also free to support us in any way you may think suitable and honourable for Our mighty God, the one of Jesus Christ. And for any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We are already looking forward to sharing our testimonies when we will be back after the mission, we are sure God will show us wonders.

May God keep you, nourish you and bless you.

Thanks in advance for all your support and prayers for us and the team! For those who would like to support us financially please find the bank account information below.

Richie, Sonia & Giusy


Support bank account information: (YOUTH WORK CONNECT EUROPE)

UK £:   IBAN: GB76ABBY09066641001049    BIC: ABBYGB2L

IE €:   IBAN: IE65ULSB98537512863907    BIC: ULSBIE2D


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