TESOL – I’ve got this…

Once again I am back in Dublin city 12 days over 4 weeks completing my TESOL course. If you remember, I first did this course last August, and whilst I have learnt a lot about myself and teaching I have not yet passed. Of course, this leads to questions of why God, can I not do this? However, I see it as an opportunity to further strengthen a skill I am weak in and God wants me to excel. I’ve recently been reminded of Proverbs 20:5 says, “The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding drawers it out.” and I can honestly say this reflects my study all through my life. Yes God gives me purpose, but I recognise it takes time for me to really get understanding, though once I do I get it for life!

Timing is everything…

Coming back from Wildfire Spain and having a taste once again of English Language teaching has given me fresh purpose and vigour to re-engage. I can see the benefit to mission and flexibility of being able to go anywhere in the world as well as better supporting myself with more flexible hours than at present. And funnily enough I actually quite enjoy engaging with students!

Changes coming…

I came back from Spain all to aware that I need to make changes to how I do things in Ireland to follow after the passion of the call of God on my life. So after the TESOL course from September I will be stepping out in faith and reducing my hours at Spirit Radio so I can focus on my passion for intergenerational ministry in Ireland. The ability to teach English I believe will be crucial not just for future ministry engagement but also that of supporting myself in a more flexible approach where I can give more time to focus on ministry in Ireland and beyond.

Re-engaging my support team…

I firstly want to thank so many you have continued to stay with me supporting me in Ireland both financially and with prayer. I will be writing to you personally as I feel I should be building on this support base as I step out in faith. I believe this is a season for something new in my life, and I really appreciate your prayers and continued support as we work this out together!


“And my God will supply your every need according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19 NET)

I’ve just come back from Wildfire mission with Eyam Church in Spain. I look at my bank balance after all my expenses and see in the natural d ‘nada yet I am assured that all the expenses have or will be paid. Now I come to August, my budget for coming into Dublin for the 12 days I need to attend the course works out to be  just over €200 and right now I don’t have that, perhaps, reading this God would put on your heart to join with me to support me in this and either way I trust the Lord will make away for me to find the funds (rather than living off my credit card). Why the shortfall? Apart from having to take 12 days unpaid leave from Spirit radio, so I loose €700, and last month’s unpaid leave for wildfire I lost €400 – having said that, it’s ok, I believe the Lord wants me to trust him in this, according to His riches in glory as He leads He will provide or at least the means to cover all my bills this month and next!

How to support me:

UK Bank Account --
Richard Gardiner / Account No. 04631952 / Sort Code: 23-69-72
Ireland Business account --

Or via Revolut account: please request a link.



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