Scripture for Friday- Psalm 62:8

Trust in God at all times. Is trust something that comes naturally to you? We live in an age where it seems to trust is being vastly eroded. So, how does this effect our trust in God?

Look at the end of this scripture; Finishes with He is our refuge! To trust and take refuge goes hand in hand – if we find trust difficult then chances are we will not be good at finding that place of peace in God.

So what is key to learning to trust more? To know:

1. he alone is my Rock (v6)

2. victory comes from God (v7)

But how? I see a line in the middle of todays reading (v8)—

Pour out your hearts to him

It is in that heartfelt cry to God where we drawer close and learn to trust deeper.

So be real with God! Go on and tell him how you feel and learn to trust in His unfailing love for you!


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