Everyone seems against me – Moses.

“I will make a clear distinction between my people and your people. This miraculous sign will happen tomorrow.’””

Exodus 8:23 NLT

Whilst it can often feel like you’re the only believer in your situation. Perhaps in this story from Exodus, and where Pharaoh’s heart was hardened perhaps this is a picture of sanctification God calls his church today? What it means to be set-apart to live differently to those around is not easy.

Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one, the only believer at school, work or maybe even in your own family.

God’s repeated words to Pharaoh through Moses “Let my people go so that they may worship me”. God saw there oppression yet they also knew there God but lacked freedom.

Remember God sees your worship, your life and how we live amongst those who don’t follow the Lord.

Remember being set-apart the process of sanctification it’s ongoing in our daily walk with Jesus!

Lord I pray today people works see the difference you make in me and help me be ready to always give a reason for the hope that I have in you! Amen.


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