God’s provision or lack

Matt 5:33 | 5:8 | 5:6

I’m working through a bible plan currently called “Walking in favour” however I rarely look at the devotional contact but instead allow the scriptures for the day to be my source to meditate on and allow Holy Spirit to pour in.

Seek First (5:33)

Its easy to get caught up in the busy life and Jesus exhorts his followers not to worry about our circumstances like daily provision for food or clothes. Instead seek His purpose in our lives first and foremost – not only seek but actively walking out what it means to follow Jesus. Our natural tendency is to worry, even when we first hear Jesus call us to repentance – remember those who said “first let me go and…” yet Jesus said that to follow me put everything behind and give up your earthly concerns take up your cross… I believe this is a call to follow Jesus first in our life letting our concerns be his burden! Jesus never said that you need to sort your life out before you can come to the Jesus, instead just come and allow Jesus to work out these things together with you as you seek first His kingdom!

Get hungry (5:1,6,8)

So, how do we seek first His kingdom? Is it passively waiting and being patient? I don’t think so in the first instance, so allow me to elaborate – when we are hungry or thirsty to the point of really so, what do we do? We will go out of our way to ensure we eat or drink something, yes?!? In the same way, to what extent are we hungry or thirsty for the things of God in our lives? Or do we allow life’s worries to take over!?! Therefore, my prayer is I stay hungry to actively and daily seek the things of God, to actively walk out in the call of God in my life without worrying how I will live, because the Scripture says when we do that our daily provision will fall into place. This may be as simple as coming to that place of contentment in our job allowing ourselves to see it as God’s provision or perhaps God is calling you to step out, just go and trust him that in going your provision will come!

Live Blessed (5:6)

Trust in his daily provision. See God’s blessings in your everyday life. In walking out his promise, trusting in God and that you have a purpose in His Kingdom business Jesus promises to fill us – “will be filled” its happening now as we live out of a relationship with God.


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