The Change Equation

I was just looking through old notes I made and came across this useful piece of motivational advice, unfortunately I can’t remember where I got it from so appologies to the source! (Added. 10/9/2015: I have recently found an alternative source if you’d like to check it out, it’s likely to be adapted from Beckhard’s Change Equation from a leadership journal, there’s more on that here.)

SD x V x FS x SS > R

Do you have a burning disatification to your current situation or perhaps a realisation that the current situation is not working? Has that disatisfaction created within you a new vision or picture of the way it should be?

When I consider vision, and many visionaries have some really great ideas yet so many of these really great ideas never actually get of the ground!

In our equation we see that (SD) Sufficient Disatisfaction multiplied by vision will indeed lead to (FS) First steps.

yet so often the formula ends up looking more like this:

SD x V x FS < R

R standing for Resistance and the reason many visions fail is because the resistance is greater than all the good ideas, the need and the vision even with the first steps!

So what is the key? It has to be in the SS, that is the Support Systems and then as in the original formula the resistance is not greater because with good support around your vision you will overcome!

  • Write down your vision today, what are the initial needs of why and what you’re hoping to acheive!
  • Ask youself what support systems do I need in place to overcome the obstacles that will resist the vision from becoming a reality.
  • Make a plan to put good support system in place.

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