Motivation: Looking forward in faith!

Looking forward with faith!

  • Hebrews 11:1, 10, 16 (NET)

I wonder what it is that you are looking forward to? Perhaps you dream of a new house, home, marriage, children, better job? All these things are good, but somewhat temporary. Anyway of those things you’re looking forward to is any of it certain, are you convinced that it may happen or is it a might or maybe one day kinda thing? 

Hebrews 11 is a famous chapter about faith. The opening verse sets the scene of the Christian life being based on a faith which is certain and then continues with examples of people that have experienced this certain faith for themselves!


But what is it we’re looking forward too?
v10 for me is a key verse, as the writer of Hebrews expresses and imagines a future city, with firm foundations – financial, economic, safe – who’s architect and govnor is God himself! and then not only that but v. 16. goes on to describe this city as one where God is involved with his people not ashamed to be their God!

In the world today, our own place we live, full of uncertainty, economic turmoil it certainly is withoout firm foundations!

Faith is lookinf forward to the day when we will live in a new city, God is the architect, and is totally different to anything we’ve seen on earth today!

Now imagine the Church, as God’s city dwellers, living out his values on earth will one day be united together in His new jerusalem!

Wow that should give us a fresh eternal perspective. How can I live in that hope today? That is my prayer to live with this future hope in mind. Thank you Jesus!


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