Hope vanished?

Job’s reply – Job 16,17 – Job was taunted by Satan, though he didn’t realise it at the time.

The Bible tells us that Satan roams the earth looking for Christ’s ofspring (followers) to disrupt, kill and destroy. And he is not even obvious often masquerading as an ‘Angel of Light’!

Job gives us real insight into what happens when satan is given almost free reign in a believer’s life!

– utter despair
– total hopelessness
– sickness and pain
– sour relationships

In Job we see the enemey is robbing him of:
– self-worth
– destiny & purpose (hope)
– health
– friends and relationships

Job is vindicated in the end!

In Christ we are vindicated! We have victory over satan.

If you feel under attack in any of the areas above. Take time now to hear what the Lord is speaking over you. Get prayer with a person you trust. Break the lies of the enemy over you!

Restore hope
Restore self-worth
Restore friendships and relationships
Restore health


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